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He gives her daily forehead kisses.

He gives her big bear hugs.

He gives her sweet lip kisses.

He gives her long back rubs.

He gives her little cheek kisses.


He is everything in her heart.


His looks make her feel good-looking.

His looks make her feel glamorous.

His looks make her feel magnetic.

His looks make her feel enchanting.

His looks make her feel beautiful.


He is everything in her life.


His touches give her little shivers.

His touches give her soft feelings.

His touches give her fast heartbeats.

His touches give her small goosebumps.

His touches give her thousands butterflies.


He is everything in her world.


His smile gives her a future.

His smile gives her some hope.

His smile gives her a wish.

His smile gives her some strength.

His smile gives her a dream.


He is everything in her universe.


His spoken words are like angels.

His spoken words are sensitive whispers.

His spoken words are invisible kisses.

His spoken words are soft breeze.

His spoken words are shining sunlight.


He is everything in her soul.


She loves the way he laughs.

She loves the way he feels.

She loves the way he talks.

She loves the way he thinks.

She loves the way he dances.


She can not love without him.


She sees his deep inner thoughts.

She sees his true inner self.

She sees his soft warm heart.

She sees his hidden beautiful talents.

She sees his young healthy soul.


She can not be without him.


She thinks about his warm touch.

She thinks about his long hugs.

She thinks about his soft kisses.

She thinks about his breathtaking eyes.

She thinks about his beating heartbeat.


She can not live without him.


She smiles when they are dancing.

She smiles when they are kissing.

She smiles when they are laughing.

She smiles when they are cuddling.

She smiles when they are napping.


She can not stop loving him.


She loves him with her heart.

She loves him with her life.

She loves him with her world.

She loves him with her universe.

She loves him with her soul.


She loves him. He loves her.

One day, another day

one day he wants me, another day he wants me not.

one day he loves me, another day he loves me not.

one day he needs me, another day he needs me not.


one day I’m his everything, another day I’m his nothing.

one day I’m his love, another day I’m his hate.

one day I’m his forever, another day I’m his never.


one day he’s a sunny day, another day he’s a stormy night.

one day he’s a lovable man, another day he’s isolated.

one day he’s all mine, another day he’s hers.


one day I was warm, another day I was cold.

one day I was happy, another day I have him in my life.

one day I was in love, another day I have a broken heart.

I Hate Christmas

Christmas is not a holiday for the lonely

Happiness is all around me but not inside me

Remembered how I’m not loved or cherished anymore

Isolated with the knowledge of how alone I really am

Sadness over comes all emotions

The hollowness of my empty heart echos louder than usual

My mind is running wild with the lonely thoughts deep inside my soul

Always reminded how I don’t have anyone to be with

Surrounded by happy couples and happy families while I have nobody

But now…

Hearing his voice use to give her a calming serenity, but now she can’t bare to hear his voice.

Looking at his face use to bring her joy, but now she doesn’t have the courage to look up.

Feeling his touch use to give her goosebumps, but now she pulls away from his grasp.

Kissing his lips use to give her butterflies in her stomach, but now she can’t help but to hurt deep down.

Holding him use to be the only thing she wanted, but now she can’t be anywhere near him.

Being close was the one thing she needed, but now she can’t be within 3 feet of him.

Loving him was easy, simple, and natural, but now loving him is painful, hard, and torturous.

Friday Night Cutting

She started cutting that Friday night.

She could have asked for help,

She was talking to someone on Facebook,

But she decided not to ask.

She told him she was tired,

She had an energy burning day.

She said goodnight, and signed off.

But she should have stayed online.

She went up to her bedroom.

She changed into her comfy clothes.

She climbed into bed, sat there.

But she wasn’t alone in bed.

She brought an old beautiful friend.

She laid it down on her.

She pushed it into her skin.

But with a singular quick movement,

She was bleeding again, something forgotten.

She hasn’t done this so long.

She wanted to desperately remember again.

But her skin didn’t want to.

She couldn’t stop the red tears.

She couldn’t stop the radiating warmth.

She couldn’t stop the red diamonds.

But it eventually stopped. For now.

She Feels

She feels disgusted when he looks

At her young women native body.

She feels his lurking brown eyes

Watching her every move, every breath.


She’d feel his gawking at her.

His stares make her feel uncomfortable

She feels tortured, trapped deep within.

He stands there in his silence.


She feels all of her imperfections

He is gleaming toward her flaws.

She feels her face turning red.

He is seeing every blemish.


She feels exposed, bare, and naked.

He can see her fat body.

She feels him judging her body.

He gazes at her constantly.


She feels ugly, gross, and revolting.

But he still won’t look away.

She feels hard-featured, appalling, and unsightly.

He keeps watching her every action.


She feels like she should leave

His stare is withholding her movements.

She feels bottled up and restricted.

His eyes, dark chocolate, brown eyes.


She feels the courage to look,

He looks deep into her eyes.

She feels hooks of his eyes.

He can see her million defects.


She feels his revolting facial features.

He can’t look at her anymore.

She feels relief when he forestall.

He can see who she is.

Battery Operated

Her self-esteem is now battery operated.

People liking her picture on Instagram.

People sharing her posts on Facebook.

People retweeting her tweets on Twitter.

People rebloging her posts on Tumblr.


Her beauty is measured by likes.

Her humor is measured by shares.

Her sensitivity is measured by comments.


If she doesn’t get enough likes,

Shares or comments her self-esteem drops.

Nobody likes her, nobody really cares.


Our lives are becoming battery operated.

Without batteries we’re nothing, we’re nobody.

Without likes, comments, shares, we’re worthless.

Our lives are measured by programming.