Next Year…

  1. I’m going to figure out how to love myself more and better
  2. I’m going to get a tattoo (or more than one) to help me feel more confident in my own skin
  3. I’m going to find love, someone who will show me how to love myself and how to love the world we’re in
  4. I’m going to move out with my best friend into my first apartment
  5. I’m going to visit my other best friend in Ontario and see her new born baby
  6. I’m going to avoid cutting and burning my skin
  7. I’m going to find things and people that make me happy
  8. I’m going to smile more
  9. I’m going to live my 20’s before I can’t anymore
  10. I’m going to save money and not spend it on crap
  11. I’m going to be more kind and understanding to people
  12. I’m going to read more and actually reach my reading goal of 25 books in a year
  13. I’m going to explore and travel more of the island
  14. I’m going to cry less and laugh more
  15. I’m going to write more and draw more
  16. I’m going to enjoy the smaller things in life and not expect anything big
  17. I’m going to be more open and truthful towards everyone
  18. I’m going to eat and be more healthy
  19. I’m going to take better care of my body
  20. I’m going to keep my room cleaner than I have been
  21. I’m going to stop hoarding and clean out my room and get rid of a lot of things
  22. I’m going to help others more than help myself
  23. I’m going to be more out there
  24. I’m going to do things by myself more (if I can)
  25. I’m going to listen to more music out loud and I’m going to dance and sing out loud
  26. I’m going to do something I’ve always been scared of doing
  27. I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do
  28. I’m going to do more volunteering (either with people or animals)
  29. I’m going to learn something new (maybe a language, or a new skill)
  30. I’m going to dye my hair less (probably not, but I’m going to try anyways)
  31. I’m going to get more piercings
  32. I’m going to ignore people who try to bring me down
  33. I’m going to meet a new friend
  34. I’m going to go on a summer road trip
  35. I’m going to grow my hair longer but also healthier
  36. I’m going to grow more plants and buy more plants (and try to not kill them)
  37. I’m going to write more letters to people (probably random people at random addresses, but oh well)
  38. I’m going to not judge people as much as I did or have (well at least not out loud)
  39. I’m going to write down things I’m thinking
  40. I’m going to get in touch with an old friend
  41. I’m going to do more activities I’ve never done before or I haven’t done in a long time (rock climbing, camping, kayaking, hiking, working out, etc.)
  42. I’m going to have more fun and be more sociable
  43. I’m going to be more creative and artistic
  44. I’m going to write more poetry

1 thought on “Next Year…

  1. BL

    These are all GREAT goals. Some thoughts about……. #3) Don’t rush it. By doing so, you’re just fueling an insecurity. You have a whole life in front of you. 6) This is the most important goal! Do whatever you can to stop this practice. There are people out there who would be devastated if they knew the pain that was causing you to do this. I understand that pain. I hope you can reach within yourself to find another outlet for that pain. Be fair to yourself and talk to a professional. 7) Great! Remember, there are many, many people out there who want you to be happy. If you look for the good in people, great things will happen, and those people will make you feel happy about yourself. So many people want to make you happy… just have to let them in rather than push them away. 11) Great! This is SO important. You get what you give in life. 17) Again, great!! Opening yourself up to people says that you trust them. While you have every reason in the world not to trust people, there are many good people out there that you can trust. Believe in them and they will believe in you. 22) Yes!! When you make other people feel good, they will do the same in return, and that will build your self-confidence. 23) Yes!! When you live behind a wall, it makes people uncomfortable because they feel like you are angry with them…..for no reason. 24) This is important!! You don’t always need people around, or their approval, to feel good about yourself. 28) Yes!!! Helping another person or animal will make you feel satisfied about yourself. Do it!! 30) Yes!! Show people the real you. You don’t need to dye your hair for people to accept you. 31) Oh, no. Think twice about this one. See previous comment. 36) Ha ha, that’s funny.37) Write letters to the people who are important and will always be there in your life. 38) This is one of the most important goals. You have every reason to be angry in life. If you have to judge somebody, judge them positively. Seeing the good in other people will help you see the good in yourself. The kindness you show to other people will come back to you. Remember, you get what you give. 41) Fantastic. 42) Yes! You get what you give.



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