• Not everyone is suppose to be in your life. some people are there to help you learn a lesson. but don’t worry, some people are suppose to be in your life and you’ll know who they are soon enough.
  • It’s okay not to be okay. it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel down. you don’t always have to be happy or have a smile on your face. you’re allowed to be not okay, it’s even healthy to be able to let your emotions out.
  • Other’s opinions aren’t always worth worrying about. people are allowed to have opinions but you don’t have to listen to them, you’re beautiful just the way you are. always remember that.
  • Never forget that other people have feelings. people matter and it doesn’t matter if you’re saying things to them to their face or over the computer, you’re words still hurt.
  • Be there for people, even if they weren’t there for you. I truly believe in karma, and if you’re nice to people you will get it returned to you in time. but if you are putting negativity out into the world you can’t be surprised to get negativity back.
  • Our world is slowly dyeing, and if you don’t do what you can you’re just helping her death move faster. compost, grow plants, don’t litter, car pool, buy and use reusable bags (for food and shopping), and there are so much more other things you can do to help our Earth.
  • No small deed will go unnoticed. remember someone is always watching even if you don’t think so or you can’t see them. something as small as buying someone a coffee, giving them bus fare, giving them a compliment, or even smiling at them.
  • If you feel strongly about something but it’s also something someone else doesn’t agree, don’t change your mind to please them or get along with them. you don’t always need someone else’s approval to think and believe in your own thoughts. you are a strong and¬†independent person don’t let someone else change your mind because of what they believe.
  • Be you, it doesn’t matter if people don’t like who you are. It only matters if you like yourself, you have to live with yourself, and you have to put up with you. if you stay who you truly are your fake friends will leave and soon your true friends will come forward.
  • And lastly, remember to love yourself. you are a beautiful person, you deserve the best, you deserve everything great in this shitty world. I know it’s a cliche but you only live once, so live your life, love yourself, and be yourself. You’re beautiful.

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