1. I cut myself to change my mental pain into physical pain so I can control it
  2. I love the rush of cutting and burning my skin, also the pain that lasts for over 2 weeks
  3. I’m not good at being alone, I find it very difficult to be by myself a lot
  4. I stay in abusive relationships because I don’t think I’m good enough for anyone and if I leave my current relationship nobody will want me
  5. I use to send nudes and sext because I knew it would keep them around
  6. I’m not good at asking for mental help
  7. I’m not good at asking for any help
  8. I’m always hurting, I’m just really good at hiding it
  9. I’m good at finding bed relationships with the wrong guy and throwing away a good relationship with the right guy
  10. I’m able to find beauty in almost anything, except within myself
  11. I listen to music so I don’t have to talk to people
  12. Sometimes I skip a meal so I can be skinny, but then I become hungry and I cave and eat again
  13. I get invited to go out with friends all the time, but then I come up with an excuse to not go
  14. I put everyone else’s happiness before I even think about my own
  15. I pretend to be happy for everyone around me, not for myself

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