She was an innocent young girl.

Man she trusted was called Dad.

She loved and believed in Dad.

One night Dad decided to change.

Dad turned into a bedtime Monster.

She was scared, confused and innocent.

Monster didn’t only come during bedtime.

Monster was there during sunny days.

She was scared to be home.

Being alone meant Monster visit her.

Being at home without any protection.

Without anyone to protect her innocents.

She tried staying away a lot.

Not wanting to return back home.

Where she’s meant to feel safe.

Home was where Monster would wait.

She would try hiding from Monster.

But, Monster would always find her.

She couldn’t hide anywhere, Monster’s everywhere.

Monster would smell her out anywhere.

During the night she’d get caught.

Monster never slept, he would wait.

Wait until she couldn’t wait anymore.

Once and awhile, she’d get dreams.

Good dreams, her escape root away.

Far away, from pain and suffering.

But other times, she’d get nightmares.

Pulling her out of deep sleep.

By the strains of brown hair.

Pulling her brown eyes open wide.

She faced nightmares more than dreams.

When she’d wake up from nightmares.

Instead of light to comfort her.

There was darkness and Monster waiting.

Monster would stroke her young body.

Monster would rub her skin raw.

She would try to sleep again.

Tighten her eyes, compress herself secure.

Make him go back into darkness.

But Monster would continue causing pain.

Pain Monster carved into fresh skin.

The more craving the more hollow.

She became the hallow young body.

Body is a reminder of Monster.

Monster that came in the night.

Monster came into the bright days.

Monster that was once her Dad.

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